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Can I copy one project's folders to a new project?

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Yes. Below details how to do this from an active project to another existing active project. However, Procore recommends that you Configure a Project Template to use when you create new projects in the future.

If your organization uses a standard set of folders and sub-folders (e.g., "Faxes", "Plans", "Permits," etc.) for every project, you can copy the folder and sub-folder hierarchy from an existing project to a new project in Procore. Copies can only be made from an existing project to a new project.

'Admin' level users can click on the Configure document settings... in the Documents tool, then from within the settings panel, use the menu to select a folder structure to bring over from an existing project in Procore and assign it to the new project. (Note: Copy an existing folder structure to a new project will bring over ONLY the folders and sub-folders, not the files contained in those folders. If you would like to copy files from another project, add the move the files to the folder with the project's name as the title before copying.)

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