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Inspections: Flexible Response Types for Inspection Items

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: September 19, 2022  /  Feature Released: September 19, 2022


Easily Assign Response Types to Inspection Items

Procore has updated how you assign response types to items in Company level and Project level inspection templates, giving you more flexibility to use standard or custom response types, and bulk assign response types to inspection items. These changes also update how information displays in PDFs and in the summary graph when viewing an inspection.

Flexible Response Types

When creating an inspection template you no longer need to set a default ‘Response Type’ for items in your Inspection List. Instead, you can add your inspection items then assign any standard or custom response type. 

A new layout in Company Settings makes it easy to differentiate standard Procore response sets and the Custom response sets created by your company.


Bulk Assign Custom Response Types in Inspection Templates

A new bulk function allows you to assign the same response type to some or all of the items, making it easy to configure how you want to capture data for multiple inspection items.


Updated Display for PDFs and Web Summaries

Inspections now uses the general language 'Conforming/Deficient' to indicate any positive or negative responses both on the PDF export and in the summary graph when viewing an individual inspection.




Web Summary