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Accept or Reject a Company for Export to QuickBooks® Online


To accept or reject a company record in Procore in order to export it to QuickBooks® Online.


If users have created new company records in the Directory tool and sent those records to the ERP Integrations tool for review, an accounting approver can accept or reject the record for export to QuickBooks® Online.

Things to Consider


Review the Company Record

  1. Navigate to the company's ERP Integrations tool.
    This reveals the QuickBooks® Online Integration page.
  2. Click the Vendors subtab.
  3. Under Filters, click Ready to Export.
    The system reveals a 'Companies Only in Procore' list to show all of the active vendor/company records that do not exist in your integrated ERP system (Note: This page only lists active company records. Inactive companies cannot be exported to an integrated ERP system. If a company record is not listed here, check to see if it is inactive. See Deactivate a Company in the Company Directory).
  4. Review the vendors/companies in the list. Then do the following:

Accept the Company Record

  1. Locate the desired vendor in the 'Companies Only in Procore' list. 
    • If you want to view the company record, click the hyperlink in the Name box. 
  2. Choose Accept.
  3. Click Export to QuickBooks Online.
    This exports the vendor/company record to QuickBooks® Online. The process typically takes a few minutes. A message appears to show you the export status. 
    • If for any reason a company fails to export to the integrated ERP system, you can view the failed item(s) by clicking Failed to Export in the right pane.
    • If the company fails to export, follow the steps to Reject the Company Record
    • Optional: If you want to confirm that the export was successful, log into the integrated ERP system and verify that your data appears as expected.

Reject the Company Record

  1. Locate the desired vendor in the 'Companies Only in Procore' list. 
  2. Choose Reject.
  3. Provide a reason for the rejection in the Enter a Comment box. 
  4. Click Reject.
    This rejects the vendor/company record. It is not imported into the integrated ERP system.