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Reopen an RFI


After an RFI has gone through its workflow and all responses have been logged in Procore, users with the appropriate permissions can change its open status to 'Closed.' In Procore, a closed RFI indicates that the question has been resolved and requires no further action. If a closed RFI needs to be reopened to be edited or to add one or more new responses, follow the steps below to reopen the RFI.

  1. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool.
  2. Click the Items tab.
  3. In the Add Filters drop-down list, select Status. Then choose Closed from the secondary drop-down list. 
    This narrows the list to show only RFIs in the 'Closed' status. 
  4. Click View next to the RFI you want to reopen.
  5. Click Reopen RFI .
    The system reopens the RFIs and places it into the status it was in prior to being closed.