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Release Notes

Below are recent changes to the project's Specifications tool. 

Recent Changes

Stopped Auto Complete of Spec Sections for Non US/CA projects (10/2/2018)

Procore will no longer attempt to auto-complete spec sections that are not in US/CA format to prevent filling incorrect data.

Updated Breadcrumb for Submittal Builder's Review Page (6/4/2018)

Updated the breadcrumb on the Submittal Builder's review page so it directs end users back to the Project level Specifications tool as expected. 

Generate a Submittal from Spec Section without a PDF (5/30/2018)

Updated the new Submittal Builder in the Project level Specifications tool to give users the ability to generate a submittal when they select a specification section that does not have a PDF. 

Changed Name of Link in Submittal Builder (5/24/2018)

Changed the label on the Submittal Builder Spec Viewer link from 'View Spec Book Section' to 'Open Specification Section.'

Submittal Builder's Description & Type Always Open in Scroll View (5/25/2018)

Updated the Submittal Builder table to make the Description and Type always open within scroll view.

Introducing the New Submittal Builder (5/21/2018)

Procore has introduced a new Submittal Builder feature that lets you generate a submittal register from your project's spec book. For details, see Specifications: Generate Submittals from Specifications and Generate Submittals from Specifications.

All Changes


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