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Release Notes

Below are recent changes to the Project level Specifications tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Calendar Control to Incidents Filter (12/7/2017)

Added a calendar control to the filters in the Incidents Tool.

Added 'Deleted Specifications' Report For Admin Users (8/16/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool to add the Deleted Specifications Report for all admin users.

Added 'Non-Current' Banner To Page In Specifications Tool (7/20/2017)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool to add a red "non-current spec section" banner to the page when viewing old revisions of specification sections.

Switched The Sides Of The Checkboxes And 'More Options' Menu Button On Specifications (6/23/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool to switch the checkboxes to the left side of the log list and the "more options" button (vertical ellipsis (⋮) drop-down list) to the right side of the Division titles.

Moved Specifications Filters And Search From The Sidebar To Above The Specifications Log (6/22/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool by moving the Division and Set filters from the sidebar to above the Specifications log. Also, moved the Search to above the log, to the left of the filters.

Performing Bulk Edit On Drawings/Specs Now Clears Checkboxes (2/7/2017)

Updated the Drawings and Specifications tools to clear the marks from the drawing/spec section checkboxes in the list page after completing a bulk edit. 

Update the Specifications Tool With 'Sticky' Search & Filter Parameters (1/4/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool so that the user's current Search parameters and selected Filter options remain sticky between sessions in the Specifications log and the Recycle Bin's deletion log. Prior to this update, search parameters and filters were cleared after each session. 

Changed View Button Label To Info in Specifications Tool (1/3/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool to change the button label on the List page from 'View' to 'Info.' 

Changed Open Button Label in Specifications Tool (1/3/2017)

Updated the Specifications tool to change the label on side button on the view page to say 'Open in View' instead of 'Open.'

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