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Create a Calculated Column in a Custom Report


To create a calculated column to add to your custom reports.


You can create calculated columns in custom reports in order to gain more insight to data by creating basic arithmetic calculations.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Admin' level permissions on the project level Reports tool and 'Admin' level permissions on the tool that is being reported on. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Calculated columns are sortable.
    • Calculated columns persist within any one given report.
    • Created calculated columns cannot be used for other calculations.
    • Calculated columns created by a customer are associated with a specific report and can not be used on other reports.


  1. Navigate to the Project level Reports tool.
  2. On the Reports tab, locate the report that you want to add the calculated column to.
  3. Click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-options-menu.png and select Edit.
    Click the report to open it and then click Edit in the sidebar.
  4. Click + Create Calculation at the bottom of the right pane. 
  5. Enter in the following column information:
    • Calculation Name: Enter in a title for the new column you are creating. 
    • Output Type: Select one of the following output types: Percentage, Currency, Number, and Date Variance.
    • Column X: Select a column to calculate with from the drop-down.
    • Operator: Select one of the following operators to apply to the calculation: +, -, x, and /.
    • Column Y: Select a second column to calculate with from the drop-down.

  6. Click Save to create the column or click Save & Create New to create a new column. Complete Step 4 above. 
  7. Your calculated column will now appear at the bottom of the page where your other columns may be. You can then create an aggregate for that column. See Aggregate Data in a Custom Report. The values for the calculated column will not calculate until the report is run.
  8. Click Create Report.


If you would like to learn more about Procore's report management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction reports product page .