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Download the Procore Plugin and add it to Navisworks Manage


To download the Procore plugin manager so that you can install the Navisworks Manage plugin.


The Procore Plugin for Navisworks allows you to create and manage coordination issues directly on your model in Navisworks Manage. Any issues created from the Plugin will be synced with the Coordination Issues tool in Procore's application, where you can send the issues to be resolved before construction starts. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read-only' and above permissions on the project's Coordination Issues tool.
      Note: You will need 'Admin' permissions on the Coordination Issue tool to associate a model with a project.


  1. Navigate to the Coordination Issues tool on
  2. Click Download Plugin in the top right. 
  3. Open the Navisworks Manage application on your computer.
  4. Click the downloaded .exe file to begin setting up the plugin.
  5. Allow Procore to make changes to your device.
    Note: You will need Administrator rights to your computer.
  6. Log into Procore with your Procore credentials.
  7. Click Install next to the version you want to download.
    Note: The year of your Navisworks Manager application and the Procore Plugin should be the same.
  8. You will see the Procore tab in Navisworks Manager.

Next Step

  1. Associate a VDC Model with a Procore Project
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