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Connection Manager

The project level Connection Manager tool is designed to manage connections between your project and other projects in Procore, so that drawings can sync between the projects.

  • Share current data with approved collaborators.
  • Eliminate the need for collaborators to perform duplicative data entry in their own Procore account.
  • Retain data in each company's account for record keeping and reporting.

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Configure Settings
Connect Projects for Downstream Companies
Approve or Reject Connections for Upstream Companies
Disconnect Projects

Learn which user permissions are required to take the described actions in this tool.


Some actions that impact this tool are done in other Procore tools. See the User Permissions Matrix for the full list of actions taken in all other tools.

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Action None Read Only Standard Admin Notes

Approve or Reject Project Connection Request



Configure Advanced Settings





Disconnect a Connected Project



Initiate a Request to Connect Projects




Users must also have ‘Read only’ level permissions or higher to the Drawings tool in both the upstream and downstream projects.

View Project Connections


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Settings for Connection Manager Tool (02/21/2024)

The Connection Manager is a new tool that will allow you to connect your project to another company's project in Procore. Initially, you can set your connection settings and distribution list. See Configure Project Connection SettingsConfigure Advanced Settings: Connection Manager, and About Connectability.