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View Change Events Summary


To view your Change Events Summary within the change event. 


The Change Events Summary displays a high level summary for all items that are related to that particular change event.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read-Only' and above on the Change Events tool. 
  • The Change Events Summary view is "sticky." This means, if you leave the Change Events tool on the Summary view, this view will persist when you return to the Change Events view. 


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Events tool.
  2. Click View next to the change event you want to view the change event summary for.
  3. You can view the following for each cost code included on the change event:
    • Sub Job: This lists the job that the change event is for, if applicable. 
    • Cost Code: This displays the cost code that would be affected for the anticipated cost.
    • Type: This displays the line item type of the change event.
    • Description: This is the description and title of the cost code.
    • ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude): Displays your estimate for pricing that you entered when creating the scope for the change event.
    • Prime PCOs: Displays all Prime PCOs created from the change event, as well as the amount that is approved, pending or in a draft state.
    • Budget Modifications: Displays the amount of any budget modifications made from the change event. 
    • CCOs: Displays any CCOs created from the change event, as well as the amount that is approved, pending, or in a draft state.

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