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Below are the notable changes to the Project level Bidding tool in 2017.

New Training Video for Creating a Bid Package (12/19/2017)

Updated the Training Videos for the Bidding tool's creating a Bid Package. See the Videos tab in Bidding.

New Bidding Report (12/6/2017)

If you are a user with 'Admin' level permissions to the project's Bidding tool, you can now create and send yourself a Bidding Report that contains bid package details, bid list table, and every bid sheet. See Create a Bidding Report.

Added Bulk Attachments Option To Bid Package Create/Edit Pages (6/22/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to replace the Bid Package attachments section with a bulk attachment option. 'Admin' level permission users are now able to select individual or multiple Document folders, Specification sets and divisions, and/or Drawing sets and disciplines.

Added Inline Editing Of 'Submission Status' To Bid List In Bidding Tool (5/5/2017)

Updated the Bid List in the Bidding tool to allow users with 'Admin' level permission to the Bidding tool to perform inline editing on a bidder's 'Submission Status'.

Added Project Name To 'Bid Submitted' Emails (5/3/2017)

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to add the Project Name to the 'Bid Submitted' emails.

Updated Field Names In Create/Edit Bid Package Pages (4/18/2017)

Updated the project's Bidding tool to change the field names in create/edit bid package page as follows: (1) From "Instructions" to "Bidding Instructions," and (2) from "Invitation Email Text" to "Project Information."

Added Bid List Filter For 'Company Name' (4/13/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a 'Company Name' filter to the Bid List.

Redesigned The Invitation To Bid And Bid Reminder Emails (3/27/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to redesign the Invitation To Bid and Bid Reminder emails.

Added A New 'Pre-Bid RFI Deadline Date/Time' Section For Bidding (3/22/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a new 'Pre-Bid RFI Information' section when Creating Bid Packages and Sending Invitation to Bid emails. Package creators can place a mark in the 'Enable' Pre-Bid RFI Deadline' checkbox to toggle the feature ON. When ON, the 'Pre-Bid RFI Deadline Date/Time' calendar and time controls let the creator specify the deadline. The default setting for the new checkbox is set to OFF. 

Added 'Send Bid Documents From' Drop-Down List For Bidding Tool Admins (3/22/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a "Contact Details" section to the Invitation to Bid emails. This new section displays the Office Phone, Mobile Phone, and Email of the 'Admin' user that sent the bid package emails, as well as the Name and Address of the Company, Project Office, or Project Office Division (as selected in the Admin tool's Bidding Configuration page).

Added Contact Popover To Recipients In Bid List (3/3/2017)

Updated the Bid List in the Bidding tool to add a modal that displays a recipient's contact information when hovering over a recipient name in the "Recipient List" column.

Added Sealed Bid Package Feature (3/3/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a 'Sealed Bid Package' option, which can be enabled per Bid Package by users with Admin-level Bidding permissions. When enabled, the feature blocks the ability for users without Admin-level Bidding permissions to submit bids electronically.

Updated Bid List To Display Default Recipients And Cost Codes Before Invite (3/3/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to have a company's default recipient(s) and cost code(s) appear in the Bid List when the company is added to a bid package. Previously the recipient(s) and cost code(s) only appeared after a company was invited to bid.

Add City, State, And Zip Columns And Filters To Bid List (3/3/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add 'Company City', 'Company State', and 'Company Zip' columns and filters to the Bid List.

Added Bid List Filter For Vendor Qualifications (3/3/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a 'Vendor Qualifications' filter to the Bid List.

Updated 'Admin' Permissions In Bidding Tool For Requisitions (1/18/2017)

Updated the Requisitions page so that if a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Bidding tool click the 'View' button, the Requisition Summary page appears. If the user clicks the 'Edit' button (which will always be visible to 'Admin' users), the Detail page appears.  Users with 'Admin' level permissions will always be permitted to change the 'Status' and 'Invoice Number' for a requisition.

Added Mobile Phone Numbers To Bid List And Bid List CSV/PDF Exports (1/11/2017)

Updated the Bidding tool to show people's 'Mobile' phone numbers in the 'Recipient Phone List' column of the Bid List and the Bid List CSV/PDF exports.

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