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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Inspections tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Ability To Delete Inspection Response Sets (4/19/2018)

Updated the Company level Inspections tool to provide users with the ability to delete response sets for inspections. 

New Multiple Choice Inspection Response Options (4/6/2018)

When creating a company level inspection template, Admin users on the company level Inspections tool can now create and assign multiple choice response sets to an inspection item. The option to create multiple choice response sets provides you and your team with flexibility and customizable options that fit your company's needs. These multiple choice response sets are created at the company level and then assigned to existing items within a Company level inspections template. See Inspections: New Multiple Choice Inspection Response Options.

New Inspection Response Options (2/15/2018)

When creating an inspection template, you now have the option to configure the inspection responses to “Safe” / “At-Risk”. This option is available in addition to the response set “Pass / Fail” and allows you to reflect the language of a safety inspection. See Inspections: New Inspection Response Options.

All Changes

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