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Prime Contracts/Commitments/Change Orders/Direct Costs: (Coming Soon!) Financial Line Item Updates


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Feature Announced: February 26, 2019

Financial Line Item Updates

New functionality will soon be released, which changes the way that financial line items work in Prime Contracts, Commitments, Change Orders, and Direct Costs.

Why is this changing?

The new line item functionality will provide a more consistent experience across financial tools. It will also add improved functionality, including:

  • You will be able to re-number line items to re-sort them, instead of needing to drag & drop.
  • There will be a new option that lets you add a new line item above or below an existing line item (the existing option to add a new line item at the bottom of the list will remain).
  • You will no longer need to click an Edit button to edit a line item. Instead, you will be able to in-line edit from the View/Save page.
  • Faster, more responsive behavior when scrolling up or down through items
  • Press the Tab key to move quickly through each cell
  • Select Sub Job + Cost Code + Cost Type all together instead of individual dropdowns

Note: If the Change Events tool is not enabled, Prime Contract Change Orders will not be included in this updated.