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Models: View and Edit Coordination Issue Details in the Model Viewer

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Updated: December 30, 2022


Easily Review and Manage Coordination Issues in the 'Issues' Side Panel

The model viewer in the Models tool on Procore's web application has been updated to include general information and activity for related coordination issues in the side panel. This allows you to easily review and edit information for coordination issues without needing to navigate away from the model viewer. See View Coordination Issues in the Model Viewer and Edit a Coordination Issue in the Model Viewer.


This feature was released in two segments:

  • Released 09/28/2022: The first release added the 'General' tab to the side panel, where you can view and edit details for a coordination issue.
  • Released 12/30/2022: The second release added the 'Activity' tab to the side panel, where you can view all activity for a coordination issue.


After clicking Issues to open the Coordination Issues side panel of the model viewer, you can click the info icon-info3.png icon for any issue (shown below). Information is pulled from the General Information section of the coordination issue.


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