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Daily Log: (Coming Soon!) Create Pending Entries from Previous Entries

Feature Announced: August 26, 2019

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Copy Entries for Missing Companies

A feature is being added to the Daily Log tool that will compare a previous day's Manpower and Daily Construction Report entries to determine if there might be missing companies on the current day's log. See Create Pending Entries for Missing Companies. This feature can be used by users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions to the Daily Log tool.


If there are companies that appear to be missing from a day based on data from the previous day, a banner will appear in the Manpower or Daily Construction Report logs. Clicking 'View' will take you to a window where you can view the companies who had entries on the previous day.


You will be able to choose which of the missing companies to create pending entries for. 


After clicking Create Pending Entries, the company names will be copied over as new entries for the day, and you can complete and approve the entries as appropriate.
Note: Only the company name is copied to the pending entries. The remaining fields need to be filled out as usual. 

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