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Add Records to Action Plan Items (Android)

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To add records to items from other tools to action plan items on an Android mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • The action plan cannot be performed while it is in 'Edit' mode.
  • To see references and to add requested records, users must have permissions to view the item(s) in the respective tool(s).
  • An item's due date can be modified or removed by a user with 'Admin' level permissions to the Action Plans tool while performing the action plan 


  1. Open the Procore app on an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the project's Action Plans tool.
  3. Tap the action plan you want to add records to.
    Note: Action plans that are in 'Edit' mode have 'Awaiting Changes' banners in the action plans list view.
  4. Tap the item you want to add records to.
  5. Next to the record type you want to add, tap +Add.
    • For Correspondence, FormsInspections, Meetings, or Observations:
    • For Submittals:
      • Tap Link Submittal.
      • Tap the item you want to link.
      • Tap Save.
    • For Photos:
      • Tap the Camera icon-camera-circle-mobile.svg icon to take a new photo with your device.
        1. Take the photo.
        2. Optional: To add markup, tap the Photo.
          • Add markup.
          • Tap Save Copy.
        3. Tap the X icon to add the photo(s) as a record. 
      • Tap the Library icon-photo-circle-mobile.png icon to select an existing photo from your device's library.
        1. Tap the photo you want to link.
        2. Optional: Add markup.
        3. Tap Save.
      • Tap the Photos icon-photo-ios.png icon to select an existing photo from Procore.
        1. Tap the photo you want to link.
        2. Tap Done.
    • For Documents and Attachments tap +Add next to 'Attachments'.
      • Tap File icon-attachment-android.svgto attach a document from your device.
        1. Tap the file.
      • Tap Documents to attach a document in Procore.
        1. Tap the document(s).
          • You can add individual documents, but you cannot add an entire folder of documents.
          • Documents added as records reflect the version of the document at the time it was added as a record.
        2. Tap Done.
  6. Tap the X icon to return to the action plan.