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Installing and Configuring the Miro Embedded App

To install and configure the Miro Embedded App in Procore, use the following steps.

  1. Install the Miro App from the Procore App Marketplace. You must have Procore admin permissions in order to install Apps from the App Marketplace. See Install an App from the App Marketplace for additional information.
  2. Create a configuration in one or more projects for the Miro board you wish to embed. You will be prompted to input the Board ID for the Miro board you wish to embed. See Create an App Configuration and Apply it to Projects for additional information.

How do I find my Miro Board ID?

You can get the Miro Board ID from the URL address of the board you would like to embed into Procore.

For example...<board id value>



Miro Board Access Rights

The Miro embedded App uses the same access righst as the Miro board itself, taking into account current login, and board accessibility directly by link. Note that you may encounter issues if your browser blocks 3rd party cookies.