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About the Integration by Procore: Connect Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®


To use the Integration by Procore to connect Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 

Integration Map

Exports data from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum® Imports from Viewpoint® Spectrum® to Procore
Connects Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®
COMPANIES erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png VENDORS
erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png JOBS
COMMITMENTS erp-orange-arrows.png   SUBCONTRACTS
BUDGET erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png ESTIMATES
JOB COSTS   erp-green-arrows.png JOB COSTS
PRIME CONTRACT   erp-green-arrows.png PRIME CONTRACT

Key Benefits

The Integration by Procore provides you with these benefits:

  • Avoid errors and dual entry with synchronized project cost data. 
  • Access real-time financial information from Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 
  • Your Accounting Team retains full control over exporting Procore data to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 

Supported Features

  • Connect Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendor Records to Procore Company Records in the Directory tool. 
  • Import new Viewpoint® Spectrum® jobs to create Procore projects.
  • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® project phases and cost types to Procore. 
  • Export commitments (i.e., purchase orders and subcontracts) created in Procore's Commitments tool to create subcontracts in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® Original Estimate/Budget with Procore.
  • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® job costing information to Procore. 
  • Import one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® Prime Contract to one (1) Procore project. 
  • Export Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) to Viewpoint® Spectrum®.


  • Company Administrator permissions to the Procore web application
  • Procore + Viewpoint® Spectrum® Construction Software Connector
  • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Data Exchange. Note: If you do NOT currently have this app, it is available for purchase from Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • A compatible edition of Viewpoint® Spectrum® Construction Software (see Software Compatibility below)

Software Compatibility

Supported Editions

The Integration by Procore supports these US editions of Viewpoint® Spectrum®:

  • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Version 14 or higher
  • Cloud Version (self-hosted or hosted by Viewpoint)


Before your company starts using the Integration by Procore to connect Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®, please review the Integration Map above to learn about the available features. It is also important to be aware of the limitations listed below. Keep in mind that your company may have different requirements and processes, so your environment may have unique limitations not listed here. If you have any questions, please send an email to your Procore point of contact:

  • This integration is designed for use ONLY on new construction jobs/projects.
    When using the Integration by Procore to connect Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®, the two systems only sync data from new jobs and new projects. This integration does NOT support historical jobs. A historical job is any job/project created prior to your ERP implementation.
  • This integration does NOT sync the following Procore items to Viewpoint® Spectrum®:
    • Prime Contract Tool
      • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Prime Contracts
        Note: You can sync Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. However, you cannot sync change orders from Viewpoint® Spectrum® to Procore. 
      • Owner Invoices and Payments
    • Commitments Tool
      • Subcontractor Invoices and Payments
    • Timecard Tool
      • Timecards
    • Timesheets Tool
      • Timesheets
  • This integration does NOT support the following items:
    • Commitment Imports
      You cannot import commitments from Viewpoint® Spectrum® into Procore.
    • Multiple Standard Cost Code Lists
      Although Viewpoint® Spectrum® supports multiple Standard Cost Code lists, the Integration by Procore requires you to choose one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® Cost Code list per integration. 
    • Sub Jobs
      The sub job feature is NOT supported with this integration. Sub jobs are always disabled in Procore projects that integrate with Viewpoint® Spectrum®. While both Jobs and Master Jobs can be imported into Procore, each must run as a separate and unique project in Procore.
    • Multiple Viewpoint® Spectrum® Companies
      For each Procore company account, the integration is designed to support one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® company.
    • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Purchase Order Module
      While you can create purchase orders in Procore, purchase orders are exported to Viewpoint® Spectrum® as subcontracts. Procore purchase orders do NOT integrate with the Viewpoint® Spectrum® purchase order module. 


For your use with the Integration by Procore, this table documents a list of commonly used Viewpoint® Spectrum® terms and its Procore equivalent. 

Viewpoint® Spectrum® Term

Procore Term

Job Project
Phases Cost Code
Cost Type Categories


To learn more about integrating your company's Procore construction projects with Viewpoint® Spectrum®, visit this page on the Procore website:

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