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What dictionaries and languages are available in the Procore web application?


The Procore web application's default language is United States English. During the implementation process, your company's Procore Administrator can work with Procore and submit a request to enable one (1) of the available language dictionaries on your company's Procore account. This setting becomes your company's default setting for Procore's Company level tools and all new projects created in your company's Procore account. 

  • The language setting in your company's Procore account is set up by Procore as specified by your company's Procore Administrator. Typically, this setting is enabled during the implementation process. This language your administrator chooses is used to create all new projects, unless:
    • A user with 'Admin' level permissions on the Project Admin tool requested to change the language setting on a Procore project. To submit a language change request for a project, send an email to your Procore point of contact or This setting can only be changed by Procore.
    • Your team has created a new project that is based on a project template that uses a different language setting. See What is a Project Template?

Your choices are detailed in the tables below:

Available Language Dictionaries

The Procore web application includes a 'Language-Country' dictionary setting to localize your company's Procore user interface to one (1) of the following languages. An asterisk (*) below indicates that this is Procore's default language dictionary. The default dictionary in your company's specific environment is determined by your Procore Administrator. 

Language Intended Geographical Region ISO Language Code Procore Language Menu Option Description
English Canada en-CA English (Canada)

This dictionary localizes the names of specific tools to Canadian English, such as:

  • Bidding = Tendering
  • Punch List = Deficiency List
English United Kingdom and some territories  en-GB English (United Kingdom)

This dictionary localizes the names of specific tools to British English, such as:

  • Bidding = Tendering
  • Change Orders = Variations
  • Coordination Issues = Co-ordination Issues
  • Daily Log = Site Diary
  • Invoicing = Payment Applications
  • Prime Contracts = Main Contracts
  • Punch List = Snag List
  • Schedule = Programme 
  • T&M Tickets = Daywork Sheets
English 1 United States en-US English (United States) United States English is Procore's default language dictionary.
English 2 Australia/New Zealand en-AU English (Australia/New Zealand)

This dictionary localizes the names of specific tools to Australian English, such as:

  • Bidding = Tendering
  • Change Orders = Variations
  • Daily Log = Site Diary
  • T&M Tickets = Daywork Sheets
  • Prime Contracts = Head Contracts
  • Programs = Programmes
  • Punch List = Defect List
  • Schedule = Programme
French Canada fr-CA Français (Canada) This dictionary localizes the app to Canadian French.
French France fr-FR Français (France) This dictionary localizes the app to Parisian French.
Spanish United States, Mexico, and South America es-419 Español (América Latina) This dictionary localizes the app to Latin American Spanish.
Spanish Spain es-ES Español (España) This dictionary localizes the application to European Spanish. 

Available Point-of-View Dictionaries (United States English Only)

The table below details Procore's US English-only Point-of-View dictionaries. These dictionaries are used when Procore clients want to change the point-of-view of the Procore web application to fit the specific use case of their company. The POV in Procore can be changed to suit General Contractors, Owners, and Specialty Contractors. 

  • If you implement one of Procore's point-of-view dictionaries at the company level, Procore recommends informing your users that changing the dictionary settings on a project or at the user level will override the company-level setting.
  • For best results, always set the Project Dictionary and User Dictionary settings  to None.  See Can I change the language of my Company, Project, or User in Procore?
Target Audience Procore Dictionary Name Details
General Contractors en This is Procore's default United States English (en-US) dictionary. This dictionary is translated into other English variants and other languages. 
Owners en-owners BETA Available for United States English (en-US) only. 

Prime Contract = Funding
Subcontract(or) = Contract(or)
Revenue = Funding
Owner = Funding
Prime Contract Change Order (PCCO) = Funding Change Order (FCO)
Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV) = Contractor Schedule of Values (CSOV)
Specialty Contractors en-specialtycontractors

BETA Available for United States English (en-US) only. 

Prime Contract = Client Contract
Invoicing = Progress Billings
Owner/GC = GC/Client
Prime Contract Change Order (PCCO) = Client Contract Change Order (CCCO)