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Should I integrate my Microsoft Project Schedule in Procore's web application or Procore Drive?


If you currently manage the project's schedule through Microsoft Project, you can integrate your schedule with Procore's Schedule tool.  When you integrate an Microsoft Project schedule with its associated project in Procore, anyone with ‘Read only’ access and above on the project’s Schedule tool will have read only access on the Microsoft Project schedule directly in Procore.


In Procore, there are two ways to integrate your schedule: through the Schedule tool of Procore's web application and in the Schedule tool of Procore Drive. We recommend integrating through Procore Drive rather than through Procore's web application. However, there are several circumstances that make each solution more efficient. 

Procore Drive 

Update an Integrated Microsoft Project Schedule in Procore Drive

  • All changes to the schedule will be recorded in the Schedule Changes Report in the Reports tool.
  • Limitations
    • You must have the Procore add-on in Microsoft Project, which will prompt you to comment

Advanced Settings Page of the web application's Schedule tool

  1. Upload a Microsoft Project Schedule to Procore's Web Application
  2. Configure Advanced Settings: Project Schedule
  • Limitations
    • Any time you update an existing schedule, the change history for the schedule will be removed.