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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Directory tool.

Recent Changes

Updated 'Add Filter' in Companies Tab of Directory Tools To Reflect Cost Code Configuration (2/14/2018)
Added Sage 300 CRE Standard Cost Codes to Project Directory Tool's Add Filter Drop-Down List (2/07/2018)

Updated the Project Directory (Beta View) so that now, if your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool, the Add Filter drop-down list in the Companies view shows 'Sage 300 Cost Codes' as a filter option. Prior to this update, the 'Cost Codes' filter showed the Sage 300 CRE Cost Codes, but it was not explicitly labeled. 

Updated the Group by Company View to Show ERP IDs (2/8/2018)

Updated the 'Group by Company' view in the Company and Project Directory tools so it nows shows the ERP ID for the vendor (if the ERP Integrations tool is enabled and the vendor is synced with the integrated ERP system). 

Improved the 'Permission Template (Assigned)' Selections in Add Filter Menu (2/1/2018)

Updated both the Company and Project level Directory Tool (Beta View) to improve the Permission Template (Assigned) list in the Add Filter menu. Now, the checkbox options are sorted in alphabetical order, making permission templates easier to find. 

Added 'Permission Template (Assigned)' To Add Filter Menu In Project Directory (Beta View) (1/17/2018) 

Added a 'Permission Template (Assigned)' option to the Add Filter menu in the Users view on the Project Directory (Beta View). 

Added 'Cost Code' To Add Filter Menu In Project Directory (Beta View) (1/11/2018) 

Added a 'Cost Code' option to the Add Filter menu in the Companies view on the Project Directory (Beta View).

Consolidated Columns In the Users And Companies Views (1/4/2018)

Updated the Users and Companies views in the Project level Directory tool (Beta View) so that now, the Email, Phone, and Fax information for a users is combined into a single column. Also updated the Address column so it now combines the Address, City, State, and ZIP.  In addition, changed the list order to be from most requested record to last requested record. See (BETA) Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.

Changed The Default Setting For The 'Permission Template (Assigned)' Column (1/4/2017)

Updated the 'Users' view on the Project level Directory tools (Beta View) so that now, the 'Permission Template (Assigned)' column is hidden by default. To turn the column back ON, simply click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) at the top-right on the table and then mark the 'Permission Templates (Assigned)' check box.See (BETA) Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.

New Row Height Options In Project Directory Beta View (1/2/2018)

Updated the 'Users' view of the Project Directory (Beta View) tool to provide end users with the ability to customize the row height of the line items in the table. End users now click the vertical ellipsis on the upper right side of the table to view the 'Row Height' customization options on the bottom of the popup menu in the 'Users' view. See (BETA) Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.

All Changes


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