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Procore Analytics: Q2 2023 Release

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: April 20, 2023


Procore Analytics: Q2 2023 Release

The following sections outline the updates included in the Q2 release for Procore Analytics.

All Reports

  • We've updated all of the reports in Procore Analytics to support Microsoft's Power BI April 2023 update. Visit Microsoft's icon-external-link.png Power BI April 2023 Feature Summary blog post for details.
  • Updated “Procore Owner” to work with Budget Changes.
  • Added Correspondence and RFI custom fields to the filter pane on respective report pages.
  • Updated vwUserUsageReport view to include Correspondence and Action Plans.
    • Reports reflect this change.
  • Added “% Complete by Schedule” formula to “Procore Owner”, which is calculated from an uploaded schedule. Also, added “% Complete by Calendar”, which is calculated from the Project Admin “Actual Start Date” and “Estimated Completion Date”.

Risk Report

The new Procore Analytics Risk Report enables customers to consolidate and manage risk across the Procore platform in a single place. The report identifies leading and lagging risk indicators that drive financial, schedule, and safety risk.  


The report is highly configurable and comes with over 30 pre-built risk indicators. Customers can configure which risk indicators they want to monitor and even engage with our professional services team to modify or create new risk indicators.


The Risk Report requires an advanced configuration in your Procore account so please reach out to your account team for more information. See Configure Custom Fields for the Procore Analytics Risk Report.

Database Changes with Procore Data Extract

See all database changes to Procore Data Extract in the Change Log tab here.

New Reportable Fields Added Across Existing Tables
  • BudgetViewDetail table:
    • approved_budget_changes
  • ChangeEvent table:
    • CompanyID
  • ChangeEventLineItem table:
    • created_at
    • updated_at
    • CompanyID
  • ChangeEventRFQ table:
    • CompanyID
  • ChangeEventRFQQuote table:
    • CompanyID
  • ChangeEventRFQResponse table:
    • CompanyID
  • Company table:
    • is_demo
  • Correspondence table:
    • sub_job_id
  • DailyLogManpower table:
    • trade_name
  • DailyLogManpowerAttachment table:
    • created_at
    • updated_at
    • CompanyID
  • Project table:
    • accounting_project_number
    • is_demo
    • dictionary_type
  • PurchaseOrderContractChangeOrderPackageLineItem table:
    • ChangeEventLineItemID
    • tax_code
  • WorkOrderContractChangeOrderPackageLineItem table:
    • ChangeEventLineItemID
    • tax_code