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Project Financials: Modernized Change Events Experience



Project Financials: Modernized Change Events Experience

This update includes a modernized user interface for creating, updating, and reviewing change events. The new experience is also optimized to increase efficiency and provide users with more intuitive interactions. In addition, this update also laid the necessary groundwork to provide Project Financials users with future updates, enhancements, and integrations.


For this release, the updates include:

  • A new experience for creating, editing, and reviewing a change event. The Change Events tool's new user interface has a simplified single-page card layout that makes it easier to create, edit, and review a change event and its line items. You can now enter basic change event detail in the 'General Information' card and then add specific financial data on the new 'Line Items' card. The change event data table is now consistent between the creation and editing pages of change events and the 'view' page. This allows users to enter more data upon the creation of a change event. See Create Change Events
  • New 'Line Items' and 'Production Quantities' cards that work with Procore's budget codes. A new 'Line Items' card maintains the experience your team currently uses to keep track of the financial implications that potential changes may have on your project. The new card also lists all of a change event's line items on a single page, so users no longer have to jump between pages to see all of the line items associated with the event. In addition, Procore has added a 'Total' row at the bottom of the 'Line Items' table, which allows users to see the total cost of a change event. See Create Change Events: Update Production Quantities.
  • Import Line Items via CSV. When creating or editing a change event, line items can be imported with a CSV file. See Import Change Event Line Items from a CSV File.
  • An updated Attach Files area. Using the new 'Attach Files' control on a change event lets you quickly upload documents from your computer or network. 
  • Bulk Create Commitment Change Orders. If you have a change event that impacts multiple commitments, you can bulk create multiple commitment change orders at once from the change events Line Items view. See Bulk Create Commitment Change Orders from a Change Event.
  • Custom and Configurable Views. The default views in the Change Events tool list view are 'Classic Detail', 'Classic Summary', 'Complete View', 'Owner's View', 'Progress View' and 'Scope View'. Each view consists of a different arrangement and grouping of columns designed to present the data in the tool in a specific way.  A configurable view is created and configured by Procore users when the desired column arrangement for the Change Events tool is not met by the existing default views. Creating configurable views allows users to customize the list view of the Change Events tool with the columns of their choice and save the view so it can be standardized across Procore projects. See Set up Configurable Views for the Change Events Line Items View.
  • Sync Budget Codes Across Change Objects. Change event line items associated with change orders will now be editable as long as the change order is also in an editable state. Edits to Budget Codes will also be synced between Change Event and Change Order See Configure Settings: Change Events.
  • Edit Prime Contract Markup Estimates. Markup estimates seen on change event line items will now be editable so you can get the most accurate preview of upcoming change. See Add Financial Markup Lines with Revenue ROM to Change Events.
  • Create Budget Changes from Change Events.  budget change moves your budget's funds from a specific cost or revenue area to another cost or revenue area. Users can create budget changes to ensure your team has a method for moving and auditing budget values between the job activities and work packages associated with your construction project. With the 'Create New Budget Change' form, users can add both Amount-Based and Unit/Qty Based adjustments from one line item to another -- which moves the quantities of materials, labor, and funds you need to complete activities. See Create Budget Changes from a Change Event.
  • Decoupling of Revenue ROM and Scope. Change Event's scope setting no longer determines how Revenue ROM is populated on change event line items. Instead, Revenue ROM is determined by the 'Line Item Revenue Source' field on the change event. See Change Events: New Create and Edit Experience.

Where can I go to learn more?

To learn more about the new modernized experience, please read the tutorials on the Change Events landing page. 

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