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Purpose: Be an asset to our clients by accurate knowledge of current construction costs and techniques.

Purpose: Provide the Owner realistic construction cost based on very minimal preliminary information.

Often utilized by Owner to evaluate if project can proceed (proforma). Completed prior to land acquisition and prior to significant drawing development (i.e. typical schematic phase). Allows for minimal investment in entitlements, plans. etc.

Target being with 0 to +5% of actual construction costs based on a 'napkin sketch' 


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Purpose: Successful bidding is assembling a proposal that allows us to complete the project to the Owners satisfaction and which allows Brinkmann to achieve its strategic and financial goals. 



SmartBidNet is our Bid Solicitation Program

  • Subject Matter Expert: Miranda Hill
  • Log-In Information:



  • To find your project if not on main landing page:
    • Click the "Projects" icon in the top bar.
    • Select "Show All Projects" from the dropdown.
    • Type the name of your project or P-File number in the search fields.
  • SmartBidNet does NOT automatically send a notice for anything. If you upload or change a file, you have to manually send a notification out. To do so please contact Miranda Hill, Valerie Strickland or Karen Rios.
  • Since we use one universal log in for everyone, any configuration changes or color changes you make to your screen will change for everyone.


Frequently Used Forms

  • To have a subcontractor added to the master database you can send this form.
  • When sending an ITB out, you can select the available trades to include by using this form.



To request additional training content please contact Miranda Hill.


Finding a Company in your list of invited Subcontractors

  • To manage companies and check for invited you will want to use the Qualified Tab of your project.
  • From there you can search for all or part of the contractors name in the search field located in the top right.



Adding a Company to Your Project

  • If the company you are looking for does NOT show up after using the search field either because they are not currently listed in our database, or their trade/area of work criteria didn't match your project, they can be manually added.


To add a new contact to an existing company

  • If the company you are looking for is found in your project, but you have a new contact to be added, or removed from the company (project specific)


Value Engineering

Purpose: To provide value added, cost saving options to the owner.

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Execution: Know your project! Reference past value savings ideas from similar projects in the market sector. (i.e. Inventing the Wheel, Post Mortems, etc.)




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PDO (Potential Design Option)

Purpose: Preconstruction CCD Log that tracks changes prior to the GMP


  • Designs tend to grow after initial estimates
  • Manage expectations. Owner should not be surprised on bid day. 
  • Documents and tracks cost impacts whenever an idea or cost item is brough up.
  • The PDO Log should be updated sent to the Owner weekly. 

Where do PDO's come from?

  • Drawing progression
  • Design Meetings
  • Owner Wish List
  • VE Suggestions