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Email Punch List Items


To email punch list items from the Punch List tool to those who need to be aware of the punch list item.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Punch List tool.
  • 'Read-only' level users cannot be assigned to a punch list item.
  • The punch list item must already be created and saved before you can email it.
  • You can choose to either have all punch list items emailed simultaneously to all assignees listed on each item, or you can choose to email individual punch list items separately from one another.
  • Once an initial notification has been sent, selected Assignees will receive daily notifications of overdue items via email; email notifications will end after 45 days. 


Email all punch list items

From the Punch List tool in your project, you can easily email all pending punch list items at once.

  1. Navigate to your project's Punch List tool.

  2. If there are punch list items ready to be sent, a orange banner will appear at the top of the list page. Click Send All, or, if you want to just send punch list items that you've created without sending the ones you're not sure are ready to be sent, click Send Mine.
    Note: The Send Mine button will only appear if there are punch list items that you created that are ready to be sent.

    punch list ready to be sent.jpg

  3. Once you click Send, the Date Notified column on the list page will be updated to reflect this day's date (i.e. the day you sent the email). This will allow you to track when you sent the assignee a notification of the punch list item.

Email forward individual punch list items

You can also forward punch list items to people in your directory that weren't included in the original distribution for the punch list item. 

  1. Navigate to your project's Punch List tool.
  2. Click Edit next to the punch list item you would like to email out to assignees or people on the distribution list.
  3. Click the Email tab under the punch list item title.
  4. Click the New Email button.
  5. Fill out the email template with information you would like to forward.
  6. Click Send.

  7. The individual included in the "To" field will receive an email alerting them of the punch list item and all punch list item details.


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