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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Punch List tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Date Closed Filter To Punch List Tool (10/9/2017)

Updated the Punch List tool to add 'Date Closed' to the Add Filter menu. See Search and Filter the Punch List.

Added An Overdue Filter For Punch Items (8/4/2017)

Added an 'Overdue' field to the Punch List Items filter.

Added Trade As A Bulk Edit Option (7/21/2017)

Updated the Punch List tool to add Trade as a Bulk Edit option for punch list items.

Updated Trade Field To Be Inline Editable On Punch List Tool (7/12/2017)

Updated the Punch List tool so now the Trade field is inline editable on the Punch List log page.

Added 'Private' As A Field When Bulk Editing Punch List Items (5/10/2017)

Updated Punch List tool so punch items can now be marked as 'Private' when bulk editing.

Added Punch Types To Project Templates (4/14/2017)

Punch Types now carry over when new Procore projects are created from project templates. See Apply a Project Template to a New Project.

Added Two New Filters To List Of Punch Item Filters (4/11/2017)

Added the 'Due Date' and 'Date Created' filters to the list of punch item filters in the project's Punch List Tool. 

Added Clear Option For Inline Edits On Punch Location & Type Fields (3/14/2017)

Updated the Punch List tool to add a clear option (i.e., a delete token that appears as a gray 'x' in the user interface) to the cells in the Location & Type columns on the Punch List index page.

Added 'Include Sublocations' CheckBox In Filter Drop-Down List (2/13/2017)

Added an `Include Sublocations` checkbox to the Location filter in the My Punch List Items page. 

Punch List Import Maximum File Size Is 1MB

The maximum file size for a Punch List import is restricted to 1MB. See Request a Punch List Import and Import Punch List Items.  

New Layout For Punch List Tool (1/23/2016)

Updated the Punch List tool with a new layout for the My Punch List Items page. This layout is similar to the new layout in the Submittals and RFIs tool. The Search and Add a Filter fields now appear at the top of the Punch List page. In addition, the filters are stick and will be applied to your next session, unless you click the Clear All link.

Changed 'Date Initiated' To 'Date Created' In Punch List Tool (1/18/2017)

Updated the Punch List tool to change the 'Date Initiated' field label to 'Date Created' throughout the tool. 

Added 'Response Date' For Custom Punch List Reports (1/16/2017)

Updated the Reports tools to add the 'Response Date' column to custom reports that include data from the Punch List tool. 

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