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Set Photo Trade


To set the trade on a photo in the Photos tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the Photos tool.
  • A photo's trade will appear under the Information section under General and Location.


  1. Navigate to the Project level Photos tool.

Set Trade for an Individual Photo

  1. Click on the photo for which you want to set the location.
  2. From the photos viewer, click the Ellipses.
  3. Click Set Trade.

  4. Select the trade(s) that are pictured.
  5. Click Confirm.

Set Location for Multiple Photos

  1. Mark the checkboxes over the photos for which you want to set the location.
  2. Click Bulk Actions.
  3. Click Bulk Edit.
  4. Click the Trade field.
  5. Select the desired trade.
  6. Click Update.



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