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Add 3D Model Takeoffs Using Auto-Mapping


To use auto-mapping to add takeoffs for 3D models in a project's Estimating tool.


A takeoff extracts quantities from a drawing or model and associates with items in your cost catalog to create estimates. Using the Takeoffs tab in Procore's Estimating tool, can add and manage a wide variety of takeoffs for different trades. As you might have both drawings and models on a project, you can use a combination of takeoffs from 2D drawings and 3D models to create estimates. This documentation shows the steps to perform takeoffs from 3D models.

The auto-mapping functionality auto-detects materials used in 3D models and connects them to materials and assemblies in your cost catalog, to quickly create multiple takeoffs at once.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • The following quantities are available for 3D takeoffs at this time: Count, Linear, Area, and Volume.
  • You cannot currently change the unit of measure when using auto-count.
  • 3D takeoffs have a model icon-3d-model-estimating.png icon next to them in the 'Takeoffs' list.
  • You can use assemblies to create more detailed estimates from the model. See Create Assemblies for a Cost Catalog.



  1. Navigate to the project's Estimating tool on
    Note: The Estimating tool automatically opens to the Takeoff page.
  2. Click the drawing drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Models tab and select the model you want to add takeoff for.
    Note: This pulls model files from the project's Documents tool. See Upload Files or Folders to the Project Level Documents Tool.takeoff-models-menu.png
  4. Mark the checkboxes for the model objects you want to auto-map and create takeoffs for.
  5. Click Auto-Map Selected Materials.
  6. Select how to map item to your cost catalog.
    1. To auto map the objects to items in your cost catalog, move the Model Objects Maps to Catalog Items toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on.png position.
      • Click the replace item icon-replace-estimating.png icon to replace the item with another item in your cost catalog
      • Click the warning icon-warning-estimating.png icon to see model objects without a cost catalog item. Click Browse Catalog to select an item or add a new one. 
    2. To manually select the cost catalog items, move the Model Objects Maps to Catalog Items toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off.png position.
      1. Next to the item, click Browse Catalog.
      2. Select the item in your cost catalog, then click Select.
  7. Click Create Takeoffs to create takeoffs for each model object type.

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