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Move Files and Folders


To move files and folders to a different folder in the Documents tool by dragging and dropping folders and files.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To move files and folders, 'Admin' level permission on the project's Documents tool.
    • To move files and folders as a user with 'Standard' or 'Read-only' level permission on the project's Documents tool, the 'Move and Copy Files and Folders' granular permission must be enabled on the permission template associated with your user account on the project. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the Documents tool.
  2. Use the file tree to navigate to the folder or file that you wish to move.
  3. Click and hold this folder as you drag it to the appropriate folder.
  4. Drop the folder or file into the desired place.


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