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Budget - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Budget tool.

Recent Changes

View Labor Productivity Tracking with Flexible Work Breakdown Structure (06/17/2024)

You can leverage flexible Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) when budgeting the resource hours and associated cost as well as a production plan based on units to install for production quantities. Flexible WBS allows your team to budget, track time and units installed in Timesheets, and report  at the right level of granularity, for an enhanced real time labor productivity cost Budget View. See Field Productivity and Project Financials: Setup Guide.

New Configuration Setting for Automatic Change Event Creation (05/13/2024)

A configuration setting has been added to the Budget tool that will allow users the choice to turn off the automatic creation of new change events when budget changes are required to have change event association. When the new setting is turned on, budget change adjustments without a manually selected change event line item association will trigger the automatic creation of a new change event when saved. When it is turned off, budget changes cannot be saved without associating a change event line item to each adjustment.