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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Budget tool.

Recent Changes

Improved Add Filter List for Cost Codes In Budget Tool (4/12/2018)

Updated the Project level Budget tool to improve the search capability on the Add Filter list for Cost Codes. Now, end users can start typing a cost code number and the Cost Code drop-down list will only show codes that match the search criteria.

Importing Unit of Measure & Unit Quantity Update Now Updates the Original Budget Amount (4/2/2018)

Users requested the ability to import budget updates that only included the 'Unit of Measure' and 'Unit Quantity' values. Prior to this change, when end users attempted to update the values using the CSV import, the 'Original Budget Amount' was set to zero (0). Now, when end users update the 'Unit of Measure' and 'Unit Quantity' values through a CSV import, the Original Budget Amount is updated as expected. See Import a Budget CSV.

Updated Source Column Configuration for Requisitions (3/21/2018) 

Updated the Project level Budget tool so that users can now create a new requisition source column by clicking the Create button. This opens a setup window where end users can then select Requisitions from the Source drop-down list. This setup window also provides users with the ability to choose the Gross or Net option button (Note: The Gross button is Procore's default selection). Users can also apply any desired Status filters.

Improved Scrolling in Budget & Forecast Tabs (3/12/2018) 

Previously, on large projects, scrolling lagged on both the Budget and Forecast tabs. Now, scrolling on large projects is smoother and quicker. When users scroll, the data in the table shows a loading state which then disappears once the user stops scrolling. This allows for a faster scrolling experience.

All Changes

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