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Request a Multi-tiered Locations Import


To request Procore to make an import of your multi-tiered locations.


At the beginning of a project, you can request that your multi-tiered locations be bulk-added to the Admin tool of your project. This will add as many multi-tiered locations to your project as you need without having to manually add each location and sub location in Procore.

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permissions: 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Admin tool.
  • There is currently no way to undo this import. Because of this, you cannot edit or delete locations within an import, you can only add locations.
  • Any duplicates on your import will be ignored.


  1. Download the Multi-tiered locations import template: locations.csv
  2. Fill out the import template.
    • It is recommend that you work from smallest to largest when creating your locations. Start with the first tier location (example "Floor 1") and then add each sub location until each tier is written out (e.g. "Floor 1, Room 101"). See the image below of the recommended order. It's important that you don't create a multi tiered location without building out each individual step (see red highlights). If you do not do this, the import will fail.

      import template multi tiered locations.png
  3. See below considerations when filling out the template.
    • General Considerations
      • Make sure you begin with the first tier, then add the first tier with the second tier, and then add the first tier with the second tier and the third tier, etc.
      • Make sure there are no blank rows. 
      • Make sure no additional empty columns were added. (More tiers columns can be added with headers, but no columns can be completely blank to the right or left.)
      • The template must be in a .csv format.
      • Check for special/hidden characters. Many users will copy/paste their information from Microsoft Word into Excel. The interpretation of the following symbols are different between the two applications and will cause import errors. It's important to correct any incorrect symbols before importing. Hidden characters can be found and corrected (in most cases) by copying all data, pasting the text into Notepad, and then copying from Notepad and pasting it into the CSV. Be sure to note the correct placement of information.
        • , (comma)
        • - (dash)
        • / (dash)
        • 1/2 (forward slash)
        • " (double quote)
        • ' (single quote)
        • Important: Do not include ">" in any one tier's location title (e.g. "Floor>1" or "Floor 1>bathroom"). These tiers will be translated as tier separator and will cause the import to fail.
  4. After you fill out the import template according to the considerations above, send your import to your Procore point of contact. When that person is done reviewing, he or she will contact you to have you verify that everything is to your liking.

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