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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Reports tool.

Recent Changes

Added 'Today' Option for Columns and Calculations in Custom Reports (9/5/2019)

Users now have the ability to add the current date in Reports. 'Today' can be added as a column and selected in a 'Date Variance' calculation in custom reports. See Create a Custom Company Report and Create a Calculated Column in a Custom Report.

New Change Management Grouping in Select Tool Menu (4/22/2019)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add a new Change Management grouping in the Select Tool menu which now includes: Change Event Line Item Details, Potential Change Orders, and Change Orders. See Create a Custom Company Report.

Added RFI Stage to Custom Reports (3/5/2019)

Updated the Company level Reports tool to make the RFI Stage column available to users creating custom reports that include data from the RFIs tool. See Create a Custom Company Report.

New Horizontal Bar Chart for Custom Reports (1/30/2019)

Procore has updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to give report creators the option to add a Horizontal Bar Chart when adding visuals to custom reports. To learn more, see Reports: Added a Horizontal Bar Chart for Custom Reports.

Updated Columns for the Subcontractor Invoice Custom Report (1/8/2019)

Improved the performance of the Subcontractor Invoice Custom Report by updating the following columns:

Added these Columns Renamed these Columns Removed these columns
  • Retainage - Work Completed To Date
  • Retainage - Work Completed To Date Percent
  • Retainage - Materials Presently Stored
  • Retainage - Materirals Presently Stored Percent
  • Work Completed Previous
  • Work Completed This Period - Retainage
  • Work Completed Previous - Retainage
  • Work Completed This Period - Retainage 
  • Work Completed This Period Percent
  • Released Work Completed This Period
  • Released Materials Presently Stored

All Changes

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