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Yardi Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Procore + Yardi Voyager® integration.

Recent Changes

NEW! filter cost codes before importing through the PROJECT FINANCIALS + Yardi Voyager® CONNECTOR (06/26/2023)  

Integration users now have the option to filter out certain cost codes from the list that is imported into Procore upon cost code setup. This feature allows you to keep some cost codes for use in Yardi Voyager® only. Please contact your Procore point of contact to take advantage of this new functionality.

NEW! Sync payment retainage and more details about payments issued with the PROJECT FINANCIALS + Yardi Voyager® CONNECTOR (05/23/2023)  

Additional payment details now carry over into Procore from payments issued in Yardi Voyager®, as well as retainage in payments issued. There is no action needed to take advantage of these new features. This feature enhancement is only available if invoice syncing is enabled with your integration. 

For more information, see Yardi Voyager® Detailed Data Mapping

NEW! Release retainage on commitment invoices with PROJECT FINANCIALS + Yardi Voyager® CONNECTOR (11/14/2022)  

Users can now initiate invoice retainage release from Procore, and the retainage release transactions will be automatically created in Yardi Voyager®.

For more information, see Release Retainage on a Commitment Invoice in Procore with the Project Financials + Yardi Voyager® Connector

Previous Changes