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Submittals: New Markup Tools for Submittal PDF Attachments

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: February 9, 2021

Add Markups and Personal Stamps to Submittal PDF Attachments in Procore

Procore has released updates to the PDF viewer in the project's Submittals tool that allow users who have the current Ball In Court responsibility for a submittal to add markups to the submittal's PDF attachments in the Procore web application. Users can also upload one or more personal stamps that can be used in addition to the markup tools provided by Procore.

As part of this release, Procore has added a configuration setting in the project's Submittals tool to allow submittal attachments (added in the submittal's General Information or in a workflow step) sent in Procore emails to be downloaded without requiring email recipients to log in to Procore. If the setting is configured to allow recipients to download the attachments without logging in to Procore, the submittal attachment download links will expire after 14 days from the notification email's sent date. See Configure Settings: Submittals Tool.




PDF Viewer


Page Navigator Open this panel to see which pages have markups (indicated by the icon) and navigate directly to any page by selecting it. Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Submittals tool can also add a blank page or a Procore-generated cover page to the attachment.

 Markup Tools Open this panel when you have the current Ball In Court responsibility to upload a personal stamp or to select a markup tool.

 Page Control Toolbar Navigate between pages or adjust the page's zoom percentage.

 Information Click the  icon to view information about the file and the submittal.

 Markup List Click the  icon to view a summary of markups added to the page you are viewing in the attachment.

 Search Click the  icon to search the attachment for keywords or phrases.

 Download Click the  icon to download a copy of the attachment with its markups.

 Keyboard Shortcuts Click the  icon to view the available keyboard shortcuts for viewing and reviewing PDF attachments.

Information Panel

View information about the file itself.
Click the 'Submittal' angle bracket > to view information about the submittal.
Ball In Court
Click the 'Ball In Court' angle bracket > to view who has the current Ball In Court responsibility for the submittal.
submittals-ann-pdf-viewer-info-file.png submittals-ann-pdf-viewer-info-submittal.png submittals-ann-pdf-viewer-info-bic.png

Markup List

View a list of the markups added in Procore for each page of the PDF attachment.