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Procore Search: Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to Procore Search.

Recent Changes

Updates to the Search Bar and In-Tool Search Experience (05/16/2022)

The search bar for Procore Search is now wider and more centralized in the Procore navigation menu. In addition, searches initiated within tools now search within the selected tool by default. You can still add additional tools as filters to search across the project. See Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search

New Light Theme and Updated Filters (01/28/2022)

Procore Search has been updated with a new light colored theme, as well as enhanced filtering. The new interface makes it easier to find what you need by displaying relevant information with each result. While there is no longer a persistent side panel, tool filters are still accessible to the left of the search results after clicking the Filters button. The updated search experience also includes a separate Support Center tab that lists relevant support articles from See Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search

Previous Changes