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How often can I sync data between QuickBooks® and Procore?


When you first implement QuickBooks® Desktop, your Procore point of contact will work with the person at your company responsible for setting up the integration to ensure your data is synced. After the initial setup, a user with 'Admin' level permission on the ERP Integrations tool can set up a sync schedule for QuickBooks® Desktop (see Configure the Sync Schedule for QuickBooks® Desktop Integration). This defines the sync schedule between the two systems for the Cost Codes, Job Costs, Vendors, and Jobs subtabs.

In addition, some of the subtabs in the ERP Integrations tool also provide you with these on-demand sync options:

  • Vendors. Click the Refresh Vendors List button to sync the data between the two systems. 
  • Jobs. Click the Refresh Jobs list button to sync the data between the two systems. 
  • Job Costs. Click the Sync Job Costs button to pull the data from QuickBooks® Desktop into Procore. 

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