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Sine interacts with Procore by writing contractor information gathered on check-in and check-out to write into Manpower and Visitor Daily Logs. Manpower entries are created once a contractor checks in and provides responses to tagged questions on a check-in form. These questions ask how many contractors are with the person, and how long they expect to be on site. With this information, Procore can calculate the total amount of man hours allocated to the company representative. This will also fill in the Manpower entry with the representative's name, visitor type, company name and the site name. Visitor logs are created once a visitor at site checks out from Sine. This will use the visitor name, visitor type, company name, check-in and check-out time to create an entry within Procore's Visitor logs.

For additional information on using Manpower by Sine, visit the Sine/Procore Integration website.


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