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Manpower by Sine

Live Manpower Log Update Tool

Geofence your construction Site with Sine and push visitor and contractor attendance data to Procore in real-time and cover safety information in the same check-in flows. Save time, track productivity, and stay on budget. When a person checks into Sine, Sine will map to Procore based on the Sine visitor type to Procore. Site Diary entries include Man hours register, Visitor Log, and Timecard Entry Log.


  • Map Subcontractors to ManPower in Procore - Capture the number of workers that is entered in the Sine Check In form to Manpower and configure the number of hours for the vendor.
  • Map Site Visitors to the Visitor Log in Procore - Record the check-in/out time of the visit, customised description with data received from Sine.

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