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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is the integration to use?

Download the Lydul app on the app store, select a punch list or photo to export, then click the “Export to procore” button. That’s it!

How long does it take data to sync between Procore & Lydul?

Exporting data to Procore can take up to 15 seconds per punch list item. Please verify your internet connection is fast and stable.

Do I still need to manually send information from Procore to my Lydul app?

Yes, the integration only works one way. If you ever need to actively sync items between Procore and Lydul, please do so manually, or contact us at

What if I want to export a second time a punch list item?

Lydul does not read any data from the Procore platform, except when selecting the export destination. Exporting a second time a punch list item will duplicate your item on Procore.

Where is my data stored?

Our platform sits in data centres stored in the United States and Europe (Google Cloud).

What if I need support?

We are a San Francisco based company. Support is provided via phone during Californian business hours as well as e-mail support as