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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Integration by Ryvit.

Recent Changes

Received Date Syncing for Direct Costs in Procore (12/05/2022) 

With Received Date syncing for the Direct Costs tool, users can now enjoy the added benefit of using the pre-fill function in Owner Invoicing to pull in Direct Costs with a Received Date that falls within an invoice's selected billing period. This function was previously unavailable because the pre-fill function requires a date entry to determine if a cost falls within the relevant billing period.

To learn more about the details of this function, see Integration by Ryvit: Received Date Syncing for Direct Costs in Procore.

Payments syncing now supported (10/14/2022)

The Integration by Ryvit for Viewpoint® Vista™ now supports payment retrievals into Procore. This feature is available for US customers only at this time. See Sync Viewpoint® Vista™ Payments with Payments Issued in Commitments.

Previous Changes

The Integration by Ryvit is the product of a partnership between Procore and Ryvit, a third-party developer. Viewpoint, Inc. is not affiliated with this connector. All Viewpoint® Vista™ marks and logos are owned by Viewpoint, Inc.