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Instant messaging and team collaboration

FieldChat is communications software for construction projects that reduces wasted time - by ensuring that the right people have the information they need, when they need it. FieldChat allows teams to send instant messages, capture jobsite activities, share information and collaborate in real-time from any device. 

FieldChat is built to make life easier. You can organize your instant messages and jobsite activities by project and channel. You can assign users to channels for group, one-to-many, and one-to-one communications. You can put your internal teams in one set of channels, your sub-contractors in other channels, and your owner in a completely separate channel, according to your needs.  Everything is securely stored in the cloud and is searchable so that you can find any message, jobsite activity or image easily. FieldChat also works seamlessly with text messaging, so it is very easy for casual users to be included in conversations without any training.

FieldChat works with Procore project directories, so that contact data can be easily imported, and your same login can be used.


  • Helps teams solve problems, communicate and collaborate in real-time, reducing waste, re-work.
  • Creates a searchable activity log and message history of exactly what happened on the job site, to help resolve questions and disputes later.
  • Works seamlessly with text messaging so that subcontractors, consultants, owners can easily be added with minimal training. There are also iOS and Android apps and a web app.


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