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Integrate FieldChat with Procore Users

Integrating your Procore Construction management system with FieldChat allows you to keep teams in the field and in the office connected in real-time. All users in a Procore project directory can be imported into FieldChat. You can then add Procore users to FieldChat channels where they can communicate and collaborate with other users via text messages and/or FieldChat instant messages. For example, your foremen could be added to one channel, mechanical sub-trades and consultants in another channel, quality and safety staff in additional channels. Depending on the size of the project, you can create as many channels as you need. Users that are added to a channel can communicate simply by sending text messages to a channel phone number, or optionally install the iOS or Android apps. The mobile phone number for the user in Procore is automatically imported, along with other details. Users can optionally login to the FieldChat web app or iOS or Android apps using their Procore credentials.

The integration with Procore eliminates the need to set-up any users in FieldChat manually, and users can use their existing Procore username and password.


  • Import users from a specific Procore project into FieldChat.
  • Login to FieldChat using your Procore credentials.


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