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Navigate Procore's Support Site


To know and apply best practices when looking for information on Procore's Support Site.


Procore's new support site went live in early 2015 and has been built to provide comprehensive and easy-to-navigate documentation on how to perform all major actions in Procore's application. Every day Procore is working to update and create new instructions based on the newest functionality outlined in the release notes.

Things to Consider

  • Tips and best practices in this article are meant to provide you and your team with the tools to successfully find the information you are looking for on Procore's support site.

Quick Links to Best Practices

  • Searching best practices 
  • Most every tool has sections on
    • Tutorials: This page houses step-by-step guides on major actions within the tool or job role you are viewing.
    • FAQs: This page houses common questions Procore gets that are related to this tool or job role.
    • Release notes: This page lists changes to the tool that have been made since January 2015.
    • Permissions: This page lists the required user permissions required for actions in each tool, integration along with links to the tutorials that outline how to accomplish these tasks. In some cases, this page also lists default permissions for each user role that interacts (or doesn't interact) with this tool.
    • Videos: This page lists training videos related to the tool you've viewing.
  • Product Releases
  • Integrations
  • Any time you see something bolded, it means that is the title of a button or link that you'll want to click in order to complete the step.
  • leave feedback on documentation
  • Create custom PDFs to share with your team. Note that this is not recommended as the PDFs will not update as Procore's Documentation team updates the documents to reflect new functionality.
  • Contact Support
  • Learning paths

How to Navigate

Click on the numbers in the image below to be taken to the section that describes that section. You may also scroll through the page to learn of best practices and navigation tips.

navigate the support site1.png


Top Navigation Bar


  • Use the top-level navigation bar to log out of the support site, set your preferences for your account, return to the main support site page, and browse our marketing website. This list appears from left to right, and top to bottom.
    • Logout: Click this link if you would like to log out of the support site. This is not a recommended action as you may lose access to user-specific documentation your company may have access to. To log back in, you will need to return to your account in Procore, and access the support site by clicking "Support Articles" at the top of the Support and Feedback menu. 
    • Preferences: Click Preferences at the top of the page to change your password, email, and timezone for the support site.
    • Support: Click this button to be taken to the landing page of the support site (
    • Procore Login: Click this button to be taken to the page where you can log into Procore. Procore login page.
    • Resources: Click the Resources button to be taken to information on the training that is available to you as you begin using Procore. You can sign up for webinars and training presentations, watch training videos, download eBooks and collateral on Procore and industry specific topics, and read about our Procore for University initiative. 
    • Contact: Click here to contact our US-based support representatives. Send us an email, call us, or view our mailing addresses for our offices all around the US.
    • 833-277-6267: If you're accessing the support site from your mobile device, click on the phone number on the top right of the page to give us a call! You'll be directed to a support agent right away!
    • Procore logo: Click on Procore's logo to be taken to the landing page of the support site.
    • Solutions: Click on this button to find out how Procore can help you save money, centralize information, increase accessibility, track communications, improve visibility, and avoid risk.
    • Features: Click on this button to be taken to a list of Procore's features and a brief overview of their function.
    • Benefits: Click this button to view the benefits of Procore and how you can get started taking advantage of them.
    • Pricing: Click this button to find out more about Procore's pricing model.
    • Clients: Click this link to view our featured clients and their projects! You can view video testimonials, case studies, and the Procore Certification program.
    • About: Click this button to view general information about Procore as a company including our blog, career offerings, press, partners, and events.
    • Request a Free Demo: If you're interested in seeing more of how Procore can help you, sign up for a free demo.

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Best Practices: Search

Use this search bar to search the support site for articles pertaining to your needs. Your search criteria will search the support site for article titles and content. However, you will only be shown article titles in the search results. You have several options when searching that will help you narrow down the results to find the information you're looking for.

Search Keyword

Procore uses the following key words when creating the titles of the articles, so you can consistently find what you're looking for when searching titles.


  • when looking for information on how to create new items in Procore


  • when looking for information on how to add items (e.g. markups, related items) to other items in Procore.


  • when searching for information on the landing page of an item, or what fields mean in a specific tool


  • when looking for information on bulk adding items to Procore from an import template. This action usually has to be done through your Procore point of contact


  • when looking for information on how to upload an item from your computer to Procore


  • when looking to download an item or group of items to your computer

​Search and Filter

  • when looking for information on how to find information in Procore within specific tools


  • an item from the recycle bin


  • when looking for information on replying to items


  • an item to a PDF


  • when looking for information on how to send items to the recycle bin, or remove them from Procore


  • when looking for information on how to send a message to a group of people about an item in Procore


  • when looking for information on how to change or update information on an item


  • when looking for information on setting or changing access levels of a user or users in Procore.

Configure Advanced Settings

  • when looking for information on setting the 'Admin' preferences for each tool, the project, or the whole account


search support site.png

Procore tags all of the articles in the support site when creating articles so they can be easily found. You can search using tags by typing in "tag:" into the search bar followed by one of Procore's support article tags. Use the tags under the image to narrow your search. Mix and match as needed with "AND," "NOT," or "OR" in all capitals. See Boolean Operators for instructions on how to use these keywords.

  • Company Level
    • portfolio
    • timecard
    • schedule
    • directory
    • erp
    • reports
    • documents
    • workflows
    • admin
  • Project Level
    • emails
    • bidding
    • prime-contract
    • budget
    • commitments
    • change-orders
    • rfi
    • inspections
    • observations
    • specifications
    • submittals
    • transmittals
    • punch-list
    • meetings
    • schedule
    • daily-log
    • reports
    • photos
    • drawings
    • documents
    • directory
  • project-manager
  • project-administrator
  • construction-manager
  • owner
  • architect
  • engineer
  • subcontractor
  • superintendent
  • finance
  • Doc Type (The 'faq' tag must be used in order to enable the dual keyword search functionality. Show pages with 'faq' and 'rfi' tags)
    • faq
    • tutorial
    • skilljar
    • sandbox
  • assemble
  • asta
  • azure
  • bluebeam
  • box
  • ​sage
  • ms-project
  • primavera
  • box
  • proest
  • oxblue
  • ​procore-drive 
  • procore-sync
  • ​mobile-ios 
  • mobile-android  
  • mobile-windows

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Best Practices: Navigate

  • Procore's support site is designed as a folder system. Certain articles will live under their parent pages. For example, articles about Procore's Meetings tool will live in this file structure: "Support Home/Procore/Procore User Guide/Project Level [tools]/Meetings" You can see this folder structure reflected in the url of any support site article.
    • To make things easy, you are able to go back a step, or change what you're looking at by clicking on the bread crumb links, or the drop down menus to take you to a new page.

      navigate the support site.png

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New User Resources

  • If you're new to Procore, you might want to check out the Getting Started with Procore article (featured at #4 on the Support Site landing page), which outlines all of the training and support offered to you as a new user or as an existing user.

Role Based Articles

  • Procore offers role-based articles that outline the steps to perform actions in Procore that a, for example, superintendent might need to know. Use this section in conjunction with your Procore Certification (seen at #6) to get the most out of your training!

Get Procore Certified

  • Get Procore Certified! Click this link to be taken to the Procore Certification section which outlines help articles and course summaries.

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Quicklink: How to Submit a Bid

  • This link will take you directly to the article for subcontractors that teaches them how to submit a bid into Procore when they are first invited to bid. Direct bid invitees here to minimize confusion when first inviting someone to bid.

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Best Practices: Browse

  • Besides searching, the best way to find help documentation is by browsing the support site like a folder tree. If you're looking for help in a certain tool of Procore, choose a tool that you would like to view the documentation on. If you're searching for documentation on other Procore applications or software Procore integrates with, click on the relevant sections in the "Browse by" section.

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Release Notes

  • Check these pages for information on Procore's newest functionality and software additions. Since Procore is software as a service, you don't need to download a new version any time changes are made. Changes are automatically added to your account, and major changes are added to the Notification Center. However, if you're looking for information on most of the changes that affect you, you can check out the "Release Notes" section for a list of changes by product and tool.

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  • This is a list of pages that we think will be useful to you as you use Procore.
    • User Permissions Matrix - Web and User Permissions Matrix - Mobile: This is an exhaustive list of most actions you can perform in Procore and what permission levels you need to accomplish each task. Reference this page when assigning users permission levels in Procore or when answering questions about why a user (or yourself) can't accomplish a certain task in Procore.
    • System Status an Metrics: This is a link to Procore's system status metrics, which we update when outages happen. If you're ever experiencing slow speeds in Procore, check this page to see if we're aware of the issue.
    • Navigating Procore Tools: This article is a general overview on how to navigate through Procore. This is a great article to send to new vendors or employees on how to use Procore.
    • Procore Import Templates: Reference this article before you import items into Procore.
    • Financial User Guide: Reference this article for everything you need to know about Procore's Financial tools.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: This is a page that outlines most of the FAQs get from our clients and their answers. This landing page is organized by most popular, highest rated, recently updated, and recently added. However, you'll want to also view by tags to view FAQs by tool or topic. You can also use the search terms, "tag:faq AND drawings" for example.
    • Glossary of Terms: This is an alphabetized list of construction, software, and Procore terms that you might find useful.
    • Site Map: This is a map of the whole support site. If you think of the support site like a folder tree, think of this page as an expanded list of all the "folders" and "files" in the site.

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Share Feedback to Procore

  • This section gives you links to contact us with a feature request or a help request.
    • Share FeedbackAt Procore, we're always interested in hearing from our customers and learning about how we can improve your user experience. Whether it's related to our product (e.g. feature request, improvement, etc.) or the Support site (e.g. request a new tutorial, FAQ, diagram, etc.), your honest feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.
    • Report an Issue: To help our Customer Support Team troubleshoot the issue, please complete the following form to submit a support ticket.

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Create a PDF of Procore Support Articles

  • These icons give you quick links to save a copy of an article on the support site.

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Share Page on Social Media

  • Like what you see? Want to share your current page to your network? Click the relevant button to share the Procore support page you're looking at on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. 

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Chat with Procore Support

  • Click the Chat Now box on any page in the support site to speak directly with one of our support representatives directly with little to no wait. It is recommended that you search the support site for an article that can help you before you reach out to our support representatives.

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