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Why is the Financial Health section of the Health Dashboard not configured?


Before you can view budget information in the Financial Health section, you must first set up a budget view that can be used with this dashboard.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission
    • “Admin” permissions on the company-level Admin tool and “Standard” or above level permissions on the project-level Budget tool. Users will only see financial data for projects on which they are Budget “Standard” users or above.
  • Additional Information
    • When setting up this new budget view, you should check the budget calculations in this view to make sure that they meet your business needs. "Procore Standard Budget (Custom Reporting View)" may differ from the budget views that you are currently using.


  • You must have purchased Procore's Construction Financials product.
  • The Budget tool must be enabled on the project. See Add and Remove Project Tools.
  • The Budget tool must be set up on the projects for which you want to visualize data. See Set Up a Budget.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Admin tool.
  2. Under "Tool Settings," click Budget.
  3. Click Set Up New Budget View.
  4. Select Procore Standard Budget (Custom Reporting View).
    • This view allows you to run a budget report at the Company level, thus enabling data to populate in the Financial Health section. It will also enable the Budget as a tool in the Company level Reports tool.
    • Unless you need to customize the view or integrate your ERP information, no further action is needed in this modal. See Set Up a Custom Reporting Budget View for further instructions.
  5. Click Create.
    Note: This takes you to the view's configuration page.
  6. Optional: Under the "Assign to Projects" drop-down menu, assign the view to projects where you want to reference the view. 
    • Important! Do not change the header names in the Column Configuration section. The Financial Health section uses the header names when generating data; changing the header names may cause errors.
    • The Financial Health section will still display the needed data from all active projects even if you do not assign the view to any projects.
  7. Configure columns as needed.
    Note: See Set up a New Budget View.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Navigate back to the Health Dashboard in the Company level Portfolio tool.
  10. View your configured Financial Health section.


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