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What is an assignment alert in Workforce Planning?


Workforce assignments allow you to manage your workforce by assigning resources to projects. Assignment alerts can be sent to the assignee to notify them and share key information about their assignment.


You can create assignment alerts to notify the assignee and share key information about their workforce assignment. Assignment alerts are customizable and sent via SMS, email, or Workforce Planning/LaborChart app based on the assignee's choice. Here are a few examples:

SMS Alert Email Alert In-App Alert
clipboard_edbb6a150874ecee6e287aa36bc2e7df8.png clipboard_e0396fcad630cc5a6c79faa0f84b73048.png clipboard_ed49dd0f287a45abe5cf0ef348e258ad7.png

Assignment alerts can be sent at the time assignments are created or when an update is made. You can also send assignment alerts at any other time of your choosing.

Recipients can respond to some assignment alerts as well. See What messages and alerts can people respond to in Workforce Planning?

Depending on how the recipient wants to receive assignment alerts, people must have the following setting(s) enabled in their profile on the People List:

  • Enable SMS. Enables people to receive SMS messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. 
    • Message and data rates may apply.
    • If enabling SMS notifications, a phone number is required.
  • Enable Email. Enables people to receive email messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. 
    Note: If enabling email notifications, a phone number is required.
  • Enable Mobile Notifications. Enables people to receive alerts through the Workforce Planning/LaborChart app about their workflow assignments. See What is the Workforce Planning/LaborChart app?

To update these settings, see Edit People in Workforce Planning.