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What are the differences between Procore's time modules?

This article discusses the differences between Timesheets, Daily Log Timecards Log, Daily Log Manpower Log, and the Company level Timecard tool. The functionality for each tool is listed below:


  • Ability to enter a Start and Stop time
  • Ability to Bulk Time Entry
  • Ability to Search and Filter through timesheets
  • Ability to add Location and Sub-job to each Timesheet
  • Timesheets is designed specifically for self-perform teams to fill out daily Timesheets for their Crews.
  • Timesheets includes approval, signature, and crew-based Timesheets.
  • Timesheets are designed for field teams and optimized for on-site entry.
  • Timesheets are designed for teams who want to collect payroll and productivity information in the field. 
  • Timesheet entries will auto-populate in the Daily Log 's Timecards section and the Company level Timecard tool.

Daily Log Timecards Section

  • Daily Log Timecards entries are designed more for reference of internal employees who were on-site and mainly for single entry. 

Daily Log Manpower Section

  • Daily Log Manpower entries are typically used for external accountability of who was on-site.

Company Level Timecard

  • Company level Timecard tool is best used for office staff tracking time across jobs.

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