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Training and Consultations





Procore Certification 

Procore offers in-depth training videos that are offered as self-paced courses. We know you're busy. These courses give you the freedom and flexibility to watch the training videos at times that are convenient for your schedule. Customers have found that watching the self-paced training videos is one of the best ways to quickly become a Procore savvy user. Upon successful completion of a course you will earn a print-friendly Procore Certified certificate that you can Add Your Procore Certified Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile.



Consultation Calls

Your Procore Project Manager (your company's professional services and implementation contact at Procore) will work closely with your team to ensure that each member has a strong understanding of the various suites of Procore tools.

Please contact your Procore Project Manager to determine which topics should be discussed during a series of training/consultation sessions.

Support Resources 

Procore's Support site is filled with comprehensive and easy-to-navigate tutorials, FAQs, recommended learning paths, release notes, training videos, and more. 

Contact Technical Support 

To submit a ticket to Procore's Customer Support team, please click here and complete the form.

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