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Export the Transmittals Log to CSV


To export the transmittals log to CSV using the project's Transmittals tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Read-Only' level permission or higher on the Transmittals tool.


  1. Navigate to the project's Transmittals tool. 
    This reveals the Transmittals page. 
  2. Next to the Export Data As label,CSV.

    This exports the contents of the transmittals log to the CSV file format and includes the following columns of information:
    • No. The transmittal number. 
    • Created. The date the transmittal was created. 
    • Subject. The subject lines of the transmittal. 
    • Company. The company (or companies) associated with the recipient in the 'To' field. 
    • To. Lists the recipients on the transmittal (i.e., the people or the members of the distribution lists added to the 'To' field). 

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