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RFIs: Forward an RFI for Review

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: March 27, 2019  /  Feature Released: April 1, 2019


RFIs: Forward an RFI for Review

Procore has updated the project's RFIs tool to provide assignees with a way to forward an RFI by email, to gather more review information from subject matter experts on an aspect of your construction project.




Similar to the forward for review feature in Procore's submittals tool, this new feature works as follows:

  1. A project manager creates an 'Open' RFI and adds assignees as members on the RFIs workflow.
  2. Assignees are required to reply with an answer that clarifies the question being asked.
  3. As an assignee on an RFI, the need to forward an RFI to another user for additional clarification might occasionally arise. For those situations, the assignee with Ball-in-Court responsibility for replying to the RFI can now forward an RFI to another project user by email.
  4. After the RFI is forwarded, Procore shifts Ball-in-Court responsibility for the RFI to the newly added assignee. 
  5. Once the new assignee submits a reply to the RFI, the Ball-in-Court responsibility then shifts back to the person who forwarded the RFI. 

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