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Configure Advanced Settings: ERP Integrations for CMiC


To configure the settings for the ERP Integrations tool for CMiC. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' permissions on the company's ERP Integrations tool. 


  1. Navigate to the Company level ERP Integrations tool 
  2. Click Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png.
  3. Your Procore point of contact will work with your company to configure these settings:
    • General Settings for CMiC
  4. Click Update.

General Settings for CMiC 

If you are integrating Procore with CMiC, your Procore point of contact will also configure these general settings:

  • Default Subcontract Commitment Cost Type for Converted Bids
    Subcontract Commitment's SOVs will default to this Cost Type when converted from a Bid. 
  • Default Project Template
    If you have created a project template in the Portfolio tool (see Configure a Project Template), you can select that template from this drop-down list. This will apply the template to the Procore project that is created when you import a CMiC job (see Add a CMiC Job to Procore). 
  • Use Procore Contract #
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to populate the 'Commitment ID' field with the Procore contract number, when your users create a commitment in Procore. See Create a Commitment. (Note: This settings affects only commitments created in Procore. Users also retain the ability to change the Commitment ID in Procore).
  • Use Procore Change Order #
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to populate the 'CCO ID' field with the Procore's CCO ID, when your users create a commitment change order in Procore. See Create a Commitment Change Order (CCO) (Note: This settings affects only CCO's created in Procore and users retain the ability to change the CCO ID in Procore).
  • Automatically add new cost code/cost type combinations and sub job cost code/cost type combinations to budgets on CMiC integrated projects
    Mark this checkbox if you want Procore to automatically add the cost code/category combo as a new budget line item regardless of whether or not the budget is locked or unlocked. If the budget is unlocked, Procore will automatically import the Estimate amount found in CMiC to the Original Budget column. If the budget is locked, Procore will still add the line item for the new cost code/category combination, but will set the Original Budget column to $0 (Note: Original budgeted amounts will not be imported if the budget is locked).
  • Procore's Budget Direct Cost Column
    • Read only, populate from CMiC
      On CMiC integrated projects, the Budget's 'Direct Cost' column can either be read only and populated with data from CMiC or editable and not populated from CMiC.
    • Editable, do not populate from CMiC
      If you're using the Direct Costs tab, the data will always be populated from Procore's Direct Costs Tool.
  • Vendors will be automatically updated
    • Automatically update vendors when refreshing the vendor list
      Choose this option if you want Procore to automatically update the vendor/company record in the Directory tool with information that has been added in CMiC.
    • Do not update vendors
      Choose this option to prevent Procore from automatically updating the vendor/company records in the Directory tool with information that has been added in CMiC. 

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