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Superintendent - Job Site Photos

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Jobsite Photos are managed through the Procore Tool on your iPad.  The information shown below is the Operational approach for Job Site Photos.  For details on the required settings for the Tool and Brinkmann Standards, please refer to this page: Job Site Photos in Procore.


Why Job Site Photos?

In addition to telling the visual story of a projects’ progression, photos are a vital tool to a project. They can be used to validate existing conditions, provide status updates to owners, document weather and issues, share the story of an incident, and even be used in potential litigious situations to name a few.

When starting on a new project, it is important to photograph not only the details of the site, but the conditions of all adjacent properties as well.


Brinkmann Standards

  1. All project photos are to be taken within the Procore Application.
  2. Photo Tool Albums - This will automatically sort by month. You can change the settings to view all photos by week/day/month as preferred.
  3. ALL photos being added to the Daily Logs tool need to have a description.
  4. When it comes to photos for Daily Logs, it is best done through the iOS device for quick and easy attachment through the Daily Log.
  5. Pin photos to the floor plan for MEP Rough-In Quality Control.


Tool Settings (from web application)

  • Project Photo Subscribers: Add project team if they wish to be notified when new photos are uploaded if desired. NOT a requirement.
  • When new albums are created, add them: To the beginning of the list. (recommended)
  • Make photos uploaded to the photos tool private by default: Unchecked (IMPORTANT! UNLESS under special circumstances where photos need to be shared with an owner. If so, this should be discussed the Procore Administrator first.)
  • Inbound Email Options: Allow anyone to send inbound emails to the Photos tool
  • Photos from other tools: These should all be checked to import photos from other tools (Drawings, Daily Logs, etc.) to a corresponding album.