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Project Management Training Center


Project Management 

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Meet the Team

  • Scott Horning - Senior Project Manager in WPH Corporate 
  • Tyrel Keller - Senior Project Manager WPH Commercial
  • Brock Gummer - Senior Project Manager WCC Corporate 
  • Jason Campbell - Senior Project Manager WCC Corporate 
  • Bruce Williams - Project Manager in WPH Heat
  • Chad Watkins - Project Manager in WPH Commercial
  • Jakob Reisenauer - Project Manager WPH Commercial
  • Clay Mullins - Project Manager WCC Civil
  • Lorraine Lewis - Project Manger in WPH Residential 
  • Jakob Jackson - Project Manager in WCC Civil

Workflow Diagrams

Document & Forms 

Tutorials & Videos 


  • Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda 
  • Material Matrix
  • Document Control Policy